With a portfolio of 120 MW projects in various development stages, we projected to have 75 MW of operating plants by the end of 2021

Arkora Hydro owns and develops hydropower plant facilities that operate in run-of-river fashion throughout Indonesia. Run-of-river hydropower plant is the type of power plant whereby little or no water storage is needed. We currently have 7.4 MW in operation, 10 MW in construction and 20 MW to soon go into construction – which in line with our desired capacity of 75 MW operating plants by the end of 2021. In our portfolio, we currently have more than 120 MW of projects in various developmental stages.

Our project sites are naturally advantageous with high heads, allowing us to generate maximum energy with the least environmental impact. We consider environmental effect as a big importance in developing our projects, therefore we only develop run-of-river hydropower projects. The sustainable development of hydropower projects is not possible without some initial disturbance to the natural environment, yet it is the actions and measures that are taken following project completion that are of utmost importance. Looking ahead into the future, extensive revegetation projects around the site are planned to promote and create local habitat and biodiversity, and to prevent the risk of erosion and landslide. Maintaining the state of the environment is crucial in ensuring the sustainable development of the our projects. This Environmental commitment and management plan, is implemented through long term monitoring and reporting programs to ensure that projects meet compliance and the impacts continue to be assessed well into the operational phase.


Highlights of several of our projects:

In Operation

Cikopo MHPP

In Construction

Tomasa MHPP


Yaentu MHPP


Tomoni MHPP